Natural or Altered

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To pique your interest I have added two pages on the topic of rock images.
Here I will present figures and carvings which may or may not be natural.
Possibly another more realistic way of looking at these might be: "are they natural
but have been used and occasionally slightly altered to fit the needs of the early Spanish".
You decide.

This stone face is located on the North Fork of the Duchesne River.


This picture of the same stone face, but at a different angle,
was given to me by Robert King. Thanks Robert.

The above eagle symbol can be found in Blind Stream.


This rock outcropping in Brownies Canyon looks like a lizard head.
It even appears to have an eye.

I too was convinced that nothing has ever been carved or altered until I saw this eye.
It has the appearance of having been drilled or chiseled through the rock.

After that I decided to keep an open mind to new possibilities.


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