Where to Dredge for Gold in Utah

In Utah you are allowed to pan in almost any stream or river on BLM or National Forest Land.
The areas that are not accessible are those where endangered species might be found
such as the Green, Colorado, and the San Juan river.


Dredging in Utah is allowed with a permit. You may obtain a permit from the State Division of Water Rights.
You may contact Roddy Pirouznia at (801)538-7375 or e-mail him at: roddypirouznia@utah.gov if you have any
questions. By 2012 Utah has changed it's view on sluicing. You may now sluice and pan without a permit. I visited
with Roddy extensively on December 28th, 2012. He is open to suggestions and ideas and was patient with me as
I asked many questions. The dredge permit form at this website will give you information about many locations
in Utah which are open to permit holders. Note: the largest dredge size you are allowed to operate in Utah
has a suction nozzle diameter of 4 inches. Here is the link to Utah's dredge permit:
Dredging and Sluicing Application


You may also ask someone who pursues this hobby for information, or join a club.
Becoming a club member is an excellent way to learn the ABC's of panning and dredging.
It also affords one a hassle free place to dredge or pan. (Both Utah gold clubs have claims
which members may use). Utah has two gold clubs. For more information about these clubs
click here: Gold Clubs of Utah.

Note: to pan or dredge on someone's claim you should obtain permission first!

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