Glitter Mountain

This fun mountain or quarry is in southern Utah not far from St. George.
It is very popular with many rock hounds.
We followed directions from the Internet and after trial and error eventually found it.
I will soon post the cords for it and save someone some time.
We found it after more than an hour, and it took less than 20 minutes to return to our former location in town.
This means it really isn't far from St. George.


You can see here how popular it is.
There were two families digging when we arrived and we came with two families.

One can either poke around in the dirt and find some very nice pieces or you can dig.
We found that while digging a hammer and chisel worked well.

Here is Statler our grandson enjoying the challenge.
And below is the helping hand of a friend.


The overall height of the gypsum seam is several feet.
There is plenty to go around.


You can pull out some fairly large pieces and have fun looking through them.
(Here you see a dandelion in the grass below a sheet of gypsum about 1 inch thick.)


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