Lost Park

Anytime you can go out with good friends and see new country is considered to be an excellent day.
Such was September 3rd, 2005 for me.

Lost park is situated a little east of Paradise Reservoir which is close to the eastern end of the Uinta Mountains.
Some friends asked me if I was interested in seeing some crosses on trees. I said "certainly".
Then we drove and hiked to Lost Park.


What a pretty spot. It isn't hard to see why
someone would have camped here before moving on.

The crosses on the trees come north to this location and then turn west.


Most of the trees had crosses on both sides and one even had three crosses around it.
Usually we were able to see the next symbol from the one we were standing by.


Some of the scars were quite deep and nearly overgrown.

"Food for thought".
These symbols appear to have been made in the early 1900's.
(Nearly all trees older than this have been logged.)
The "Spaniards" were not here at that time but their decedents
might have been, in order to check on their family mines.
This is only one opinion or possible reason for the symbols.


Some of the symbols were hard to decipher.


Whether or not one solves the mysterious markings it's just fun to get out with friends.

These are the real treasures.


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