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The Rich Evidence of Native American Presence)

There is a pretty little valley in Southern Utah, just up the road from Hurricane, where there are plenty of intriguing things to see.

An excellent overview of my experiences here is that the Spanish marked this area the same way they have MANY more times in other areas.
During their trek northward, on a prominent hill, the Spanish left these marks to relay a message to those who followed later.
It says: "You have come far enough. Turn around and look for the next symbol."


The next symbol one finds is this three foot long line carved deep into the rock.

The line runs east and west.

As one looks east, using the line as a pointer, you see a rock marker on the skyline.
It is visible for miles and it beckons to come and look closer.

Zooming in it's now readily apparent.

There is a dirt road that takes one most of the way to the hill if you have high clearance and four wheel drive.
(I had to walk a distance. But, you know me, I love a good hike.)

As you near the thumb like marker you'll see another smaller marker down the ridge line to the left (north).
See the next picture where the smaller marker is now visible.


and closer...

The smaller marker is still visible in this picture and following it down the ridge one comes to the next symbol.
The markers lead to a cross on the rock face.

This symbol really has me intrigued and I can't wait to return and see what it leads me to next.???

(There are key points to be observed here which can be applied to Spanish symbols in other areas)


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