Jericho's Banded Agate

The pretty rocks of the Jericho/Eureka Utah area are well known.
There are various colors and types of agate. Also one can find jasper, silver, pyrite and much more.
Early this spring (2016) we took the time to look around and see what we could find.
We were delightfully surprised.

My son, Del Ray found the largest piece of banded agate.
There are many pieces of agate but not all have bands in them.


This was a great family activity.
We took turns hooting with excitement.

I stumbled upon this piece which appeared to have potential.

I took it and a few others home to check.

Sure enough, after a little shaping and polishing I was very surprised.

We are happy with the results of polishing this and several other pieces.
The agate is there - in the hills between the road above the rest stop and Paul Bunion's woodpile,
just a little south of Eureka, Utah.


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