Blind Stream

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You might say: "what does Blind Stream have to offer"?
The fact that the Utah dredge permit allows dredging on Blind Stream would tend to
indicate there must be gold there. There is also much history to be uncovered there;
both obvious and obscure. For those who have never been to Blind Stream the
following photos may be of interest.

The lower section of this canyon is on reservation land.
As you travel North from Hanna you may notice tree symbols
both on reservation land and on national forest land.

They say if you follow the bird symbols you may find something important.




There were several symbols we could not decipher.
Could this head be a map?


There are many catface symbols in this canyon.
By following the arrow on this symbol we found a canal of unknown origin.
It runs from the stream around the canyon to a dry gulch. We did not find the
smelter or the mine we believe were there.

However by following the clues we were able to find several mines in this canyon
and explore a couple of them. Some have either caved in or been covered up.



On the far side of this meadow are two mines.

Remember to watch for danger. Enjoy the beauty
around you, and even if you don't find gold have fun looking.

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