BYU's Botany Pond Petroglyphs

At the Brigham Young University at Provo, Utah there is a vast assortment of Native American History.
Most of it is on display at the Peoples and Cultures Museum located on the corner of 100 East and 700 North.
If you desire a more casual look you may take your time examining the boulders at the Botany Pond.
The pond is located at 400 East and 800 North, and the boulders are at the east end of that block.


There are 3 boulders on display here. The smallest one, which is on the right, has a plague next to it.





The symbols on this rock don't show up very well.
It is unusual to see them on a rock as light in color as this one.



As you can see this rock has both modern and very old markings.


If you have a desire to see these rocks and can't find them email or phone me and I will gladly show you.



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