Our California Mother Lode Trip

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We had fun sight seeing and exploring on our trip to the mother lode.
During our stay we decided to take in a hike through a cave and Mercer Caverns was the one we chose.
As we climbed up and down the stairs, which seemed more like ladders than stairs, we
gained a greater appreciation for the discoverer and explorer Walter Mercer.



These pictures speak for themselves. The caverns were impressive and awe-inspiring.






What would a trip to the mother lode be without a visit to Coloma and Sutter's mill?


Seen here is a replica of the sawmill where gold was discovered in the mill's tailrace by James Marshall.
His discovery of gold on January 24th, 1848 caused the largest stampede the world has ever known.



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(Pictures taken May 23-31, 2009)

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