Caramel Swirl


This concludes our second season of looking for pretty rocks between Eureka and Jericho Junction.
We have had a blast and some of our recent finds have made us wish the weather would stay warm.

This find is from the south end of the range.
My grandson Statler says it looks like caramel ice-cream so we named it caramel swirl.



No two cabs turn out the same. We have polished a few from it now.

When I first saw the large rock on the mountain I thought it might have potential.
I hauled it back to the shop and started cutting it into slabs.
It's like a mystery because each slab turns out unique and colorful,
and you never know ahead of time how it will look.

It's so enjoyable to pick a spot and pattern on a slab, then cut, shape and polish.

WOW! I love this hobby.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.


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Pictures taken 10/17.

Page created 11/28/17.