Crow Creek

The Crow Creek area holds many mysteries which are slowly being unraveled.

Our adventure this day would be in the same area as the alleged "Sadie's Mine tree."
(As you may recall Sadie was Caleb's second wife.)
I have looked for that tree but haven't found it yet.

On July 4th a friend and I headed to this often visited canyon at the base of Lake Mountain.
He told me about a rock cairn and I hiked over to it for closer inspection.
As I looked through the hole at its base I could see the hillside beyond.
Could it be that this monument was leading us to other signs and ultimately to a mine?




I looked through the hole at its base, took my bearings,
and headed for the far ridge where I found a ledge.
(Actually the ledge it pointed toward was our starting point and
my friend said that's where it would lead me. He was right.)

The ledge has two symbols on it. The one on the right stands out,
while the one on the left is scarcely visible.

I decided to use a small piece of sandstone and chalk them
in so they would show up better in the pictures.
I don't know the meaning of the one above but the one
pictured below appears to be a map to a rich mine.

It shows the route to take to reach a heart.
(The heart may represent the King's mine, a rich mine, or a treasure.)

We did get a strong reading in the area with our equipment,
but we lacked the time to follow it out, because of the
fire raging out of control just west of us. (Neola Fire)

We'll be back!


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