Currant Creek

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A friend and I traveled to Currant Creek in July, 2008 to share information we had gleaned through the years.
It was fun, exciting, and held surprises for both of us.

As one skirts the west side of the reservoir heading south you will see a dirt road called the "racetrack".
This name, even though descriptive, is exactly opposite the nature of this road because it's difficult
to go any faster than SLOW! You see the road is rough and at times very slick.

About half a mile up this dirt road you will need to veer to the right
if you want to see these names and possibly some symbols.


There is an astounding number of names in this area.
Even though many were made in the 1970's they appear to
have been made by those of Spanish and/or European decent.

By that I mean that most of the 7s have a line through them
and the dates are day/month/year as it is done in Europe.
Also, many of these names appear to be Spanish in origin.


FMA 18/8/78

1975 MEXICANO is on one tree.


More names...Then something quite unexpected.


Some symbols are obvious while others are quite subtle.


See what I mean...



Do you think FMA and the others may have been checking on the mines
of their ancestors like Roola Garcia was near Moon Lake?

There are so many things still to discover and questions to answer,
but so enjoyable to do.



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Pictures taken 7/31/08.

Page created 9/24/08.