Green River Petroglyphs

Recently a new acquaintance asked me if I would like to see some petroglyphs he knew about.
Of course I said yes. I'm nearly always up for something new and mysterious.

He asked me not to divulge the location except to say it's close to the
confluence of the Green River and the White River.

He showed me some things which were both interesting and intriguing.
See if you feel the same way as I share some of my pictures with you.

This image seems to depict a Native American shooting a rider with an arrow.
(Maybe an Indian shooting a Spaniard??)

There are many symbols to consider...What do they represent?


The picture above could possibly be a map.


There are times when I wished I could turn back the hands of time
and get acquainted with these people; to know who they were,
when they lived, and what they were like.

Now for 3 pictures depicting symbols of unknown age and meaning.
If you happen to know the answers to the riddles please let me know.


There are still so many puzzles to our rich heritage.

I look forward to the day we know the answers.


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