The McConkie Ranch Rock Art

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While we were visiting my parents in Dry Fork Canyon recently we enjoyed seeing the petroglyphs at the McConkie Ranch.
There isn't a fee, but they do suggest a $4.00 donation for a picture booklet.
(There are few places still open which give you the opportunity to be on the honor system.
They ask you to put your money into a box for the drinks you take from the fridge.)

There are two designated paths you can walk.
One goes up the canyon to the northwest, while the other goes down the canyon to the southeast.
Page 1 shows a few of the images we saw as we traveled the northwesterly trail.
(Photos were taken July 4, 2004.)



This site is on the National Registry. Each panel has been documented.

The National Geographic wrote an article about it in their January 1980 issue.

The Smithsonian calls it the "finest example of Vernal classic Fremont rock art that they know of."


We enjoyed seeing the impressive collection of grinding stones which were found on their property.


Many of the panels are labeled.


If you go on this hike and come to the sign which says "better panels ahead three blocks" take the time to see them.
We felt we were rewarded for our extra effort.


We then came to an area where there was one panel after another which made us ooh and aah.



You may notice the figure in the middle with extra large feet. They call him "bigfoot". There is a sword behind him.


Cynthia, Jose and Clint by the rock art they call the "hoola hoop panel".


I think Cynthia enjoyed this adventure as much as I did.


They call these the knobby-knee twins.


A few images are paintings but most have been pecked. A few even contain both.
The documentation number can easily be seen on this panel. Most numbers are less obvious.


I hope you enjoyed this rock art as much as we did.
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