Miller Canyon

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Miller Canyon is located in the western desert of Utah.
It's near Notch Peak in the House Range.
Years ago you could dredge or highbank there but now it's open to panning only.


On your way don't forget to stop and admire the Indian rock art.


Some people say this is a map. What is your opinion?


Miller Canyon is very rugged and beautiful. In the spring there is plenty of water for panning gold.
(Photo taken May 8th, 2004.)

This is “Digger”

a.k.a. Ken Sykes.

We learned a lot from him

at Miller Canyon

and other places.

( 1994 )


Digger taught us to look for
the indicators of gold.
He showed us a plant we
affectionately call the “gold weed.”
(It is common mullein or
Verbascum Thapsus L.)

He said the 49ers knew about it,
but that this information has been
lost to many modern prospectors.

Note: it has been documented that
certain plants are associated with
silver and copper, so why
not gold?



Here are Kreston and Guy, hard at work, running dirt through a sluicebox.


Miller canyon and the crew.


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