Moon Lake

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(The photos on this page were taken Sept. 29th, 2004.)

North of Duchesne about 25 miles is a mysterious lake called Moon Lake.
Some say it has no bottom while others say it is at least 1000 feet deep.
In 1941 a dam was completed to harness its power and better regulate its level.
Over the years many stories have lingered about this lake.
Like the one about the treasure near the floating dance hall.

To the Native American people it was a sacred place.
They waited for the full moon and then held their sacred ceremonies.

The more we learn about this area the more reverence we have for it.


A man now deceased, claims to have found a CBR tree, a buffalo skull with a carved
cross in its forehead and a Spanish teapot with an eagle carved into its side all near Moon Lake.


These drillholes just west of the lake caught our attention.
We wondered what the drillers were seeking.


Fishing, boating and hiking are some of the activities enjoyed at this well known recreation area.


We found several scars. Most were very deep.


Anyone for an owl?


And what is the meaning behind this one?


Was this the beginnings of a mine?


Who was HL? Or for that matter more recently RH and SH?


These rocks have obviously been disturbed.


Maybe they were impressed with the visible iron in the area and tried to see what it might lead to.


These iron seams were pretty to look at. However, they weren't gold.


Yes, the Moon lake area beckons us to take a second look.


We'll be back...


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