Mosby Mountain

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The Uinta Mountains in Northeastern Utah are full of mystery and intrigue.
Mosby mountain is near the Eastern end of this range. We believed it to be one
of the key places to begin our search for the legendary Spanish and Rhoades Mines.

These symbols were on the trail while

traveling north from ice cave.

This is how they looked in 1983-84.

( Most of these trees are gone now. )





The scar on the big pine tree

was more than 2 inches thick.

The trail forked at this tree,

one continued north,

while the other headed west.


As we worked our way

west we came to the edge

of the hill overlooking

Whiterocks River.

Here we found

more symbols

on trees.



Inside the box was an A, a large heart, and a small heart.
These led us to the oldest catface we had ever seen.


While excavating

near the catface

a soggy stick of

dynamite was uncovered.

However, It was unclear

which direction the

old tunnel went, so the

project was scrapped.


There are still plenty of interesting things to see on Mosby mountain.


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