Mount Nebo and our trip to the Privateer Mines

For years I have longed to revisit the Privateer mines.
Finally on June 30th, 2007 the opportunity came my way.
However things have changed a little since I was there last...

When Mount Nebo received its wilderness designation in 1984
a corridor was implemented to give the mine owners access
to their patent property known as the privateer mines.

You may access this corridor via a dirt road near Mona,
or by taking the Nebo Loop and jumping off the loop on a dirt
road near the monument. We chose to go south from Santaquin to the
dirt road near Mona and then up Mona Pole canyon to the mines.

What a beautiful day for a ride...

Leading our group was my son-in-law Blair and our daughter Stacey.
My wife Jeri is waiting for me to hop back on our borrowed 4-wheeler. And
coming along behind us was our daughter Cynthia and her soon to be husband Derrik.


At times the road was very narrow and rough.
That's when Jeri opted to hop off and walk.
I can't say that I blame her. It was a little scary.


This is the hole that the miners punched into the south side of the peak.
After visiting this mine we went around the mountain to see the mines on the north side.


There was still snow on the north slope.

Anyone for a snowball fight or a test of endurance?


The road ended at these mines.


There were two entrances on the north slope.
Hey guys, come back out of there!


Be careful Blair.


Just northeast of where we turned around is a mountain called Bald Mountain.

Between the breathtaking scenery and the fun family atmosphere
this trip couldn't have turned out better.
We should do this more often...


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