Recommended Book List


For those of you who would like more information on some of the topics covered or
touched on in my book, and on my website, here is a list of recommended books.
This list may not be complete, but I believe it's a good place to start.

1. Johnson, Stan and Polly. Translating the Anthon Transcript. Parowan, UT: Ivory Books, 1999.
2. Kenworthy, Charles A. Spanish Monuments & Trailmarkers to Treasure in the United States.
Encino, CA: Quest Publishing, 1993.
3. Mathewson, R. Duncan III. Treasure of the Atocha. Key Largo, FL: National Center for Shipwreck
Research Ltd., 2004
4. Pickett, Mike "Hawkeye." Treasure Hunter's Field Notebook. Ceres, CA: THU Publishing Company, 2001.
5. Rhoades, Gale R. & Boren, Kerry Ross. Footprints in the Wilderness, A History of the Lost Rhoades
Mines. Salt Lake City: Dream Garden Press, 1980.
6. Rhoades, Gale R. Lost Gold of the Uintah, the Rest of the Story. Duchesne, UT: Benzoil Inc., 1995.
7. Rhoades, Gale R. Waybill to Lost Spanish Mines and Treasures. Salt lake City: Dream Garden Press, 1982.
8. Uinta Mountain Geology, Salt Lake City: Utah Geological Association, 2005.
9. Keys, Calvin C. Turtles Lead to Treasure, a Guide to Spanish Trail Monuments. BookSurge LLC.,
An Company, 2007
10. Knipmeyer, James H. Butch Cassidy was here, Historic Inscriptions of the Colorado Plateau.
The University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City, 2002
11. Martineau, LaVan The Rocks Begin To Speak. KC Publications, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1994
12. Keys, Calvin Turtles Lead to Treasure. Book Surge LLC., 2007
13. Price, Jim Treasure Trails Vol. 1. Shadow Publishing, 2000 (Note: this book is out of print as of 2008)


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