Red Rock Corp. Property

Life is full of surprises...

A friend of mine told me a couple of Native Americans wanted
to meet me and show me some things on their property.

I accepted the invitation and on September 8, 2007 I enjoyed
some new scenery and symbols which I hadn't seen before.

Someone spent a fair amount of time placing these rocks
in a particular manor to convey a certain message.


It has been speculated that the rock cairns and markers were made by sheepherder.
If that's the case then they worked in groups and went to a lot of trouble just to pass the time.


It makes more sense to think of these as way-points and messages.
However the meaning is elaborate to say the least.


Most of the boulders on this ridge are propped-up and give us a message.
The trick is knowing how to decipher the message.



Later they took me to an old cabin.
They said it has changed only slightly over their life span.

Behind the cabin was a rock face with initials on it.
I wonder who chiseled their initials here back in 1906.


Some say these hills are Wade's knolls. Who knows?
It would take time to verify. One would have to trace out the landmarks
and see if the mine and cannon could be found as the legendary map says.
(Note: as far as I know the Wade's knolls map has only been published in
A.C. Wilkerson's book called "Guide to the Lost Rhoades Gold Mines".

If these symbols could talk what a tale they might tell...
We'll need some time to decipher their meaning,
then we'll come back and check them out.



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