Junipero Serra's map


The following map appears on page 140 of my book "Following the Legends".
The following explanation is given not to offend anyone but to shed more light on the topic.



I obtained the map from the late Ed Twitchell and he got it from Gale Rhoades.
During a presentation given by Kerry Boren's wife Lisa at BYU on May 11, 2001, she stated:
"Not all maps dealing with lost mines and buried treasure are genuine; in fact, it would be safe
to say that most are not. Not only are many of them fraudulent, but many others are altered or
otherwise coded to prevent theft. For example, when my husband and his cousin Gale Rhoades
were writing Footprints in the Wilderness they frequently altered maps by removing certain
symbols or landmarks, reversing images, and so forth."

A friend told me about a place in Rock Creek Canyon where the unique symbols seen on this map
are on some trees. The only difference is that in real life the arrows come from the right or east
while the turtles come from the left or west. Even though Lisa states that Kerry and Gale
altered some maps this may not be one of them. I will explain...

Junipero Serra was a Franciscan priest. Through research I have learned that the
black-robes, as they were called, coded their maps. (black-robes=Jesuit priests)
This map may have been coded by Junipero himself to keep his mine or treasure
from being found by anyone other than those who knew the code. (Note: My reference
that the Jesuits used code is: Rules and Precepts of the Jesuit Missions of Northern
New Spain
by Charles W. Polzer, page 69 rule 17. It is also implied in other writings.)

Many of the puzzle pieces fit except one. The only record I have found of a Junipero Serra
lived from 1713 to 1784. The date on the map is 1851. Could the Junipero on the map be a
descendant of the original or is there some other explanation? Maybe further research will
give us the answer...


Here is a turtle coming from the left.


And an arrow is coming from the right.


They lead to these two symbols.

When we decipher these symbols we may find a treasure.


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