Dredging on the Little Sevier


The Little Sevier is a stream in the Richfield, Utah area.
In the spring there is enough water to keep a 4 inch dredge satisfied.
These photos were taken while highbanking on the UGPA claims in 2001.


This photo was taken in the spring of that year. (Yes, it's me.)


Upon returning November 3 the same hole looked like this.
We think someone else knows about our "spot."


"Oh well, there might be enough water if we recycle it."


This is Allan Lowe hard at work, cold but happy, recovering gold.


Looks like we will need to do some work to the sides of this hole
when we are done to keep them from caving in too much.

We also checked out the Mill Creek claims, but didn't dredge there.
Mill Creek would be an excellent place to camp.
The Mill Creek/Little Sevier area is a great location to recover gold and explore.


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