Smelters, Ovens, and Kilns

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For some time now I have had a desire to impart what I've learned about smelters, ovens, and kilns.
By no means am I an expert on the subject but believe I've discovered some things which
may be helpful to some of you. It's also possible that some of you may not have visited
one or more of these smelter or oven sites and can use my cords to assist you.

This first charcoal oven we'll look at is near highway 9 between La Verkin and Virgin.
It's located in a ravine at: 37° 13.446' N. 113° 15.155' W. elevation 3679 feet.
It's well hidden from the main road and unless you go out of your way you won't see it.




The next one my brother-in-law and I visited on April 5th, 2010 is up the canyon above Leeds and Silver Reef.

The Forest Service has really gone the extra mile in detailing this site.
There are plaques explaining the vegetation and the purpose of the oven.


It's an easy walk to the oven which isn't far from a well graveled mountain road.



If you care to take a closer look at this oven it's at:
37° 17.043' N. 113° 23.618' W. elevation 4578 feet.


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