Snow Canyon

-- Site 1--

Snow Canyon is a state park located in southwestern Utah.

The amount of Spanish and Indian evidence in this canyon is staggering.

According to documents I have seen, the Piute Indians made this area their home long ago.
Most of the markings we located were likely make by them, but a few appeared to be of Spanish origin.
At site 1 we found evidence of both on the same panel. It will be a while at least, before we can determine why it is that way.
(I'm sorry the photos taken inside the crack are out of focus. Next time we will try a manual focus camera.)
In the mean time we hope you enjoy the pictures.

Snow Canyon has a variety of landscape from sand dunes to cliffs to boulders and everything in-between.
If one can put up with the difficulty of traversing this landscape a treasuretrove of history awaits.


As my daughter and I entered this crack she noticed a cross
carved into the sandstone and we knew we were in for a treat.


Now this is adventure!

The walls of this crack are literally covered with petroglyphs.
Several animals were depicted on the walls including big horn sheep,
turtles and others.








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