The Great Stone Face and Pavant Butte

It had been a while since my friend and I had been out exploring, so on
November 11th, 2005 we satisfied the desire with a trip to the Great Stone Face and Pavant Butte.

This particular stone face is said to look a little like the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith.
It's located some miles Southwest of Delta, Utah on a hill called Black Rock.
The approximate location is 39 13.999' N. 112 44.880' W. (NAD 27 format)


The path and location of this Stone Face are well marked.

As you near the location you will notice a fenced area to your left where there are petroglyphs.
We were told later that there are many more you can see just around the hill to the north
which are not fenced in.


There is a well beaten path to the face.
As we were hiking toward it the face wasn't obvious.
We actually recognized the outline as we were hiking back down the path and took a picture.


On the south side and at the base of the face there is another oddity.
If I were to guess I would say it's a turtle head.
The eye has been chipped into the rock.


From the base of the face one can see Pavant Butte to the east.

That was our next destination.

One of our goals was to look for treasure.
Stories persist that the Spaniards or others stashed their gold here
because it's such an obvious landmark and can be seen for quite a distance.

As we hiked the side of the cone we saw our vehicle become smaller and smaller.

On the south east edge of the cone one can see the remains of a failed attempt to harness wind power.
In our dreams it almost looked like a UFO landing site.


This venture happened many years ago. The date above the doorway says 1923.

By the way...after we hiked to the top to see this, we noticed a road which leads up to it on the east side.
Oh well, we needed the exercise.

If you drive all the way out here be sure to see the unique lava flows on the north side of the butte.
To me they are very unusual and well worth the extra time to drive around the hill to see.


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