A Family Outing to Topaz Mountain


Del Ray our oldest son loves to explore and collect rocks.
On April 10th 2015 we decided to try our luck at Topaz Mountain and this is how things went...


We started out on the west side of the mountain where we found
apache tears near the end of the paved road.
We also screened the sand and found some nice crystals.

Then we decided to drive around to the amphitheater and try our luck there.

It was harder work but we found some amber colored crystals when
we chipped away the host rock (Rhyolite) to expose the crystals
which saw the light of day for the first time.



This cluster was hidden but must have been exposed to the sunlight.


It's good to take a break...


"Meantime back at the ranch." Del Ray and Kreston took turns chipping away the host rock.
Shortly before we left we finally discovered how to find the best crystals.


Even though we found some pretty crystals with the tools this piece was discovered in the loose sand.
All-in-all we had a blast and really enjoyed our time at Topaz Mountain.

(Pictured above are Del Ray, Kreston and Amie and their families)



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Pictures taken 4/10/15.

Page created 7/27/15.