How did the Spaniards mark the veins?

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Near Vernal Utah is an excellent example of one way the Spaniards marked the mineral veins of which they knew.
Keep in mind this is only one example. There are many more examples and types out there.

As you can see holes have been drilled or chiseled into this large flat boulder.
One can't see it in these pictures but the holes extend out into adjacent rocks.
Something I don't show in these pictures is the covered mine
on the opposite side of the hill from these rocks.


In actuality there are two rows of holes. That's because this is an intersection of two veins.
They run perpendicular to each other.
With the assistance of our equipment it appears there are two veins crisscrossing here as the holes indicate.

The vein continues past a small ravine just as the map below indicates.


Good luck while you're out there looking for clues.
I hope you find many examples.


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Pictures taken 6/6/13.

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