Water Canyon

Just a few miles from Spanish Fork Utah one can find some interesting Indian rock art.
Year after year it fades a little more. Here it is for your enjoyment and intrigue.

Our thanks go to Allan for the next photos taken at Water Canyon.
This canyon is located to the south of Spanish Fork Canyon,
and to the east of Salem.

This rock art is located on a large cliff face.
It depicts three unidentified animals heading toward the base of the cliff,
and eleven or twelve animals going away from the same spot.
(Note: the three above are larger than the eleven below)
The theory is that these are larger because they were fully loaded, and the group
shown below are smaller because they are coming away from this location empty.

If you would like to take a closer look at these pictographs go to:
40° 02.219' N. 111° 37.438' W. elevation 5033 feet.
(NAD 27)

It's fun to speculate about the meaning of this ancient rock art.


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