West Mountain


There is so much cool stuff to see on West Mountain located west of Payson, Utah.
We have determined that there are Spanish mines and markers here
as well as Native American glyphs and ancient markers.

(It was a tossup as to which category this page should belong in).

As you drive up the dirt road at the north end of west mountain look to the northwest and you'll
see this Spanish marker on the skyline and below it in the ledges is an old Spanish mine.


Between the marker and the road is the blowout which I've heard about since I was very young.


If you walk over to it be careful not to fall in because it goes straight down for who knows how far.
Down the hill to the south is a rock outcropping with an abundance of fossils.



They call the glyph pictured above the "roadrunner".


This glyph is also in that canyon with the roadrunner.
Some say it depicts a map with important information on it.
What is your opinion?


At long last after looking for 3 years we found this stone face.
We believe it's an important marker and is extremely old. Take a look at the lichen growing on it.
When we found it June 26th, 2010 the nose was missing.
After looking around for a few minutes we stumbled upon it and then reinserted it where it belonged.
We don't know if it was through vandalism or natural causes that it came up missing
but we aren't ready to let out the secret of where this is right now.

This is how it looks now (after a nose reconstruction) and below is how it looked about 15 years ago.



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