Over the Labor Day weekend of 2006 Ken and I were invited to spend 3 days in Southwestern Wyoming.
We were here as guests to take a peek at some of what our friend JJ has discovered over his lifetime.
Our visit was action packed and enlightening. It surprised us to see just how much history was there.
The following photos are but a glimpse of what we saw.

It appears that this area has been populated at intervals.
Some of the evidence of the early inhabitants is what I would designate as very old.

If you like the symbolism that Kenworthy and Pickett write about then you'll like this.

In the photo above you may see a snake or possibly a dog.
The rock in its eye has been there long enough that it feels solid to the touch.


If the early inhabitants left signs for others to follow then this is indeed a camel.
We viewed literally dozens of animal shapes and figures.


When you see glyphs with lichen growing inside them you can be assured they are very old.


Others symbols appear newer but must have also had meaning.
This symbol appears to have been made by a later group.


Here is a compass. We wondered if it has more than one meaning.


Here is an excellent example of a pointer stone.


Is this foot natural or has it been altered?
I'll let you decide.


In the center of this photograph one can see a rock which resembles an open beaked bird.
If indeed these rocks have been altered then each one has a designated meaning.


While some rock formations may or may not be natural
this rock leaves little doubt as to its alteration.


No mater which way you slice it we enjoyed our time with JJ and his wife as our hosts in Wyoming.

Thanks for the invitation and thanks for allowing me to share
this intriguing information with others.


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