American Fork Canyon

A friend told me about some symbols he had found in American Fork Canyon several years ago.
He asked me if I would like to see them. Of course I said yes and on September 20 we took a ride,
exploring this beautiful and rugged canyon located at the extreme northeast edge of Utah Valley.

The day started with lightning, hail, and rain but that didn't dampen our spirits,
after all this is the kind of stuff we live for.

This was the first tree we noticed as we crawled up the very rocky road
quite a distance beyond Tibble Fork Reservoir.

For those of you who would like to see it for yourself it's at:
40° 31.880' N. 111° 35.620' W. elevation 7746 feet.

This X and arrow tree is at:
40° 32.547' N. 111° 35.273' W. elevation 7908 feet.

(From this point on I've decided not to offer any more waypoints from this trip. However,
I have little doubt that you will be able to find your way to the next symbols we found.)

We have seen flowers at other locations.
This one may take us a while to interpret.
(Note: there are 4 boxes on the right side of this tree.)

On our way we found several crosses, X's, and other symbols.




I noticed this face symbol because it reminded me of the faces
I've seen at other locations such as Blind Stream.
It could possibly be a map.

At first glance at these trees I only noticed a bear.
Then I looked closer and found a wealth of information.
Take a look and see if you agree with me.

We saw a bear with an owl below it, names, and of course crosses directing us to go
up the hill. I followed it out to a location where two extremely old pine trees stand.
I got a reading with my detector but didn't have my shovel along.
For obvious reasons I won't divulge this location. (Sorry)

Thanks to my friend for a fun and enlightening trip
and for allowing me to share it with you.

I hope you enjoy the hunt for adventure as much as we do,
and I hope you find the treasure you seek.



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Pictures taken 9/20/08
Page created 9/22/08