Our California Mother Lode Trip
(May 23-31, 2009)

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A few weeks ago my sister Jerry Ann called me on the phone and asked
if I would like to go to the mother lode of California and pan for gold.
I think you already know what my answer was.
The last time I panned in California was in 2005 and I jumped at the chance to do it again.
This time we scheduled a full week to sight see, explore, learn, pan, and have fun.

The mother lode of California is about 123 miles long and basically follows highway 49.


We traveled to Reno, south to highway 4, then over the divide
which was slightly wet and cool on Memorial weekend.


There was a surprising number of people out boating and biking so early in the year.


Our base camp was in Arnold.
My sister couldn't have picked a prettier spot.
There was a small stream within feet of our patio door
and many of the trees were in bloom including a nearby dogwood tree.


Calaveras county remembers Mark Twain's book about the jumping frog by holding an annual frog jumping contest.
(Which we just missed. Oh well.)


While sight seeing we just had to go to the Calaveras Big Trees State Park.
The tree described here is about 21 feet in diameter and was once used as a dance hall


Here is my sweetheart.

There is nothing insignificant when it comes to these trees.
They grow to be 350 feet tall and live to be more than 3000 years old.




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(Pictures taken May 23-31, 2009)

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