The Currant Creek Low Pass Area

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The Currant Creek-Low Pass area is bulging with history and intrigue.
According to George Thompson prospectors established a placer mining camp near the location of the
present Currant Creek dam in the early 1900's. About the same time a sheepherder named James B. Woolsey
was watching his flock, on the hills above them, near Low Pass. Legend tells of a discovery in his name.
It says he located a rich gold bearing vein that by today's standards would be a bonanza.

To read the story of Jim Woolsey's discovery click here: Woolsey's Gold Mine.

Here are some photos of that area to perk your interest.

Rock monuments like this can be seen for miles.

For some who may be wondering...yes, there are Spanish symbols here.


Who was W. Coyne and what was he doing here in 1919?

I have been informed that this is the Okelberry cabin.

Nearby is a cabin which appears to be even older.
Now there's an old cabin! It was built to last, and it has.



Filix Salas...I wonder who he was and what he was doing near Low Pass in 1905.


When you have

found the sheep

dipping vats you will

know you have found

an important clue.


There is some controversy

as to whether or not

these were vats.


Near the corrals we found this inscription. It leaves us with more questions than answers.
Was there a connection between Chief Black Hawk and the mines at Low Pass?


In his description he said one must find the trees with his name carved on them to find his mine...but which one is the right one?


J. Woolsey 192_?


Tom Thompson 1953 and...
Woolsey mine with an arrow to the left.

(Some people say that Tom Thompson was a nickname for George Thompson.)

We followed the arrow but weren't lucky enough to find the mine.


Good luck in your search.


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