Daniels Canyon

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Perhaps you have heard of the Bethers and Boren mines from your study of the Rhoades mines.
For quite some time I thought the mines pictured here were the Bethers and Boren mines.
However, after further study and inquiring around I have come to the conclusion that
they are the mines near the top of Daniels Canyon. See Daniels Canyon page 2.
(Therefore we don't have a name to associate with the mines pictured here).

A friend called up one day and asked us to see some mines he knew about with him.
Of course we said yes and were anxious to go and take a look.

With Brent Young as our guide we enjoyed every minute.
The excitement made the hike through the cheat grass bearable.

This mine dump can be seen from the southern edge of Heber City if you know where to look.
It's high on the hillside, is on private property, and therefore is closed to the public.


However, this exploratory tunnel is open and is very near the canyon road.
The dump doesn't do the extent of the workings justice.

This mine is located at: 40° 26.434' N. 111° 21.466' W. elevation 6139 feet.
If you choose to go inside please be careful!


Look out bears here comes Brent!





It may not be

Spanish armor,

but it's old.

Thanks Brent for the fun day.


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