Dry Fork Canyon

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Dry Fork Canyon is located Northwest of Vernal, Utah.
Smelters, monuments, and mines can be found within its walls.
Rumors persist that even more valuable items may be hidden there.




This mountain top, called sawtooth ridge, looks like a dinosaur's back.
Could it be the one Caleb Rhoades referred to as being near one of his mines?

We located these lines cut into large rocks at:
40° 33.234' N. 109° 38.929' W. elevation 6366 feet (NAD 27).
There are found between the Cemetery and McConkie's Ranch.
Do the lines on these rocks represent a map or something else?

We found more lines on rocks near these in July 08. See what you think of them.

There used to be 2 rock monuments on this knoll.
A man I know had a dream about a mine in this area and then took the monuments
down because he was afraid someone would find the mine by following the monuments.


This is our son Travis and a couple of tree symbols at Horseshoe Park
(These pictures were taken quite a few years ago.)


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