Dry Fork Canyon

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Dry Fork Canyon, just northwest of Vernal, is one of my favorite areas to explore.
It still contains many hidden secrets. With my family to accompany me and
time on our hands we recently explored some areas of Dry Fork Canyon
where we had never been before. Here is a sample of what we found.
(April 19-21, 2007)

While looking for a cave we had been told about we stumbled upon these symbols.
Jerry Ann noticed them first and as we examined these unique trees we all got excited...


including Ken.
A couple of the boxes had dots in the center while most didn't.
We believe the dot means a treasure is buried nearby inside a box.

There were many symbols which were difficult to read and decipher.


The symbol on the tree pictured above could be a heart and was in the same grove as the boxes.

Then we went to a new location and found these key symbols.

I was told about this CBR tree last fall but couldn't find it then.
This was my second attempt and I was successful this time.

As many of you know Caleb Baldwin Rhoades often carved his initials in trees near his mining claims.
Gale Rhoades once told me that Caleb had a rich silver mine in Dry Fork Canyon.
He said it ran 1,700 ounces to the ton in Silver. This tree might mark that mine.
(I just had to have my picture taken next to it.)

The Spanish symbol on the tree pictured below is the one Jerry Ann liked the most.
For those who might be interested the scar was about 1.5 inches in depth
which probably means it's around 75 years old. (Usually about 1 inch growth = 50 years.)
The only way I can explain this is that the Mexicans may still be checking on their mines.

What a fun outing it was!


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