Family Expedition Symbols

The elaborate signs and symbols found at various locations in the Uinta Mountains have long been a mystery to me.

Maps, names, dates and other such information have been found carved into trees and on rocks.
While researching these symbols I have come to understand that some actually represent
the families that worked the mines. (It would be similar to using a family crest). For
lack of a better name I will call them family expedition symbols. I further understand
that a book exists which identifies each family and their corresponding symbol.
If any of you have seen this book and know it's title I would like to hear from you
to enable me to further my research. I would greatly appreciate the assistance.
In the mean time here are some examples of family expedition symbols.


These three symbols used to be on Mosby Mountain. To view the one above you were looking northwest.
It was at a fork in the trail. The trail to the right headed north to the mines near Paradise River
while the other went west toward the crack mine. If you placed your back to this symbol and
looked away from it you would then be looking at the next symbol.

These two were quite similar to each other.


(Photo courtesy of June Balaigh)

Some may say that the symbol above is far too subtle to be a symbol at all.
In my research I have learned from reliable sources that symbols sometimes appear
very subtle, even almost imperceptible, and may still hold great significance.

This map takes the family symbol concept one step further.
It's an example of a family expedition symbol being associated
with a particular mine in Daniel's Canyon. It would be interesting
to know which family calls this symbol their own.


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