Eureka's Petrified Wood

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The pretty rocks of the Eureka Utah area are well known.
There are various colors of agate and jasper, silver, pyrite and much more.
A close friend told us he had found petrified wood in a spot where we had found other
types of rock and took us to the location. Over several months and many trips we have found various
colors of petrified wood. Through a collaborative effort we have literally found a treasure of gorgeous rock.
Both his family and ours have benefited from our discoveries, and we mutually have decided to share the information
and pictures of a few of our finds. We have never benefited from it monetarily but it has been a boon to us emotionally.

My daughter-in-law Carolyn had never found a piece of petrified wood in her live
and it was her goal to find some this summer so I'm glad it worked out.
On June 30th 2016 she found her first piece. (Shown above)
This is just as we found it on the mountain.


From then on it was one pretty or unique piece of wood after another.



One of the unusual things we did was dig up a petrified tree stump.
Even covered in dirt, as seen here, the beauty shows through.


When pieces of this stump are polished it is very eye-catching.

In another area we found where someone had excavated several large trees.
Here they left part of an embedded section.
It was too much work for us and so we left it for someone else to dig.


It was so much fun to polish various rocks and see how they would look after a good polishing.
This is a large piece that my grandson Statler found, cut and polished.


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