Eureka's Petrified Wood

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The variety of types, colors and textures of wood has been unbelievable.
Here I stumbled upon a large piece with a purple center.
It may be very fractured but could easily be a specimen piece when polished.




That same day I found several large pieces of a tree.
Shown above you can compare them with a two gallon bucket.
The piece below I took home but left the rest for someone else to find.


We have called these pieces "limb casts", although that probably isn't accurate.
They remind us of the limb casts of northern Nevada so the name stuck.
It was our most favorite type of petrified wood and easiest to polish.

We found various sizes and most polished easily.


This is one of Del Ray's favorites.
It sure is beautiful.

This is one of my favorite finds.

It is fractured but I look beyond that and see its beauty.
What an incredible summer this has been.


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