Sheep Creek

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Many individuals have claimed the north slope of the Uinta Mountains is just as rich as the south slope.
I may have finally been given the opportunity to see for myself if that is true.

For several months an individual named Kent McMichael has talked about many cool and
exciting things he has found over the past 20 years in an area I have never visited before.
With Kent as my guide we traveled from Hoytsville to Evanston then to Manilla
where we turned south and within a few miles arrived at a canyon
full of Spanish history called Sheep Creek Canyon.

It seemed every time I turned around there were Spanish markers to
convey messages such as the stone face above or this hole in the cliff.



Up the canyon about 2 miles from the Palisades Campground is a concentration of Spanish signs on trees.
The picture below is how this symbol used to look and above is how it looks now.
Time is not in our favor to capture our rich heritage and vandals tend to speed up the process even more.


Many Spanish names can still be found on the trees in this beautiful canyon. Here are a couple of examples.



The tree pictured above is no longer at the bend in the road. It has fallen or been cut down.
What do you think it shows?


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Pictures taken September 4-5, 2009

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