Caving on Lightning Ridge

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As Mike and I hiked around some ledges we noticed these three holes in the cliff.
The one on the right may have been natural but the two on the left certainly didn't look natural.
Even though I didn't take a GPS reading I can pass on an approximate location from the map:
40° 32.672' N. 110° 54.548' W.
If you continually look at the cliff face as you hike southeast it would be difficult to miss them.

It was time to see if we could get to them. I volunteered myself and enjoyed the brisk hike.

I was able to reach the hole on the right but didn't attempt to reach those on the left.
Inside the cave the holes may have connected but it didn't appear that they did.


At the entrance I slowed down, took a few pictures and looked around for animals.
I had seen a bobcat a short distance from the entrance and I didn't want any surprises.
There were rat droppings and I could hear them back in the hole but I didn't see the bobcat again.

The photo above was taken looking straight ahead into the hole
and the photo below was taken looking to the left.


This picture is looking to the right inside the hole. This is where I could hear the rats.
The photo below is looking straight down into a large hole just inside the entrance.
It drops down about 30 feet and we would need to return with the proper gear
if we decide to explore it.

That's a long way down! However one can't help but wonder
what treasures might be waiting there.


What a treat! We saw a large number of wildlife on this trip including these mountain goats.


This is another cave seen from a distance. It's easy to understand
how a person could walk fairly close to a hole and never see it.
This was our third and final cave of the day.
We ran out of time before we could explore it but took a look anyway.
It's at approximately: 40° 32.970' N. 110° 55.718' W.


Like they say "There's always tomorrow".

We'll be back.


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