Lightning Ridge

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While looking for the legendary mines don't overlook Lightning Ridge and Rhoades Canyon.
Some stories of gold bars, burial sites, and massacres have their roots here.
Don't forget Bingelli's golden staircase mine while you look, or the
fact that Mel Fisher visited this area shortly before his death.

So, what clues can we find in this area.....?

This isn't the first spike we have found as we explore these beautiful mountains.

We found catfaces and other symbols in this area.


There is an rock arrow in this meadow but we couldn't determine why.

One can only guess what the arrows and symbols mean on these trees.
Rumor has it that there is a hole just beyond these trees where someone pulled out a treasure.


They could be right.

Some catface symbols

are fairly old. This one

has fallen from a

quaking aspen tree in

Rhoades Canyon.

While on the tree, the

date beside it was 1911,

thus making it the oldest

catface we can verify.


This looks like a caved-in mine shaft to us. What do you think?


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