Miller Canyon

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May 13th and 14th, 2005.

A prospecting/adventure trip had been planned for nearly 2 months and as the appointed time approached
we were on pins and needles to see if the weather would hold. The spring of 2005 is one of the wettest on
record for Utah and reminded many of 1983. The stream in Miller Canyon was higher than we had ever seen it.
In fact it was so high and swift that the road down the canyon had washed out and nearly made it impassable.
The large passenger van got stuck going both directions but with a chain and a 4X4 truck to assist it reached its destinations.

Two scout groups led by Jeff Bird and Mark Urry made the trip. Michael Mansfield's group and Jared's bunch
also joined us for the fun that weekend.

I would like to publicly thank these boys, their fathers, and leaders who feed me and helped me feel right at home.
I very much enjoyed everyone's company. Thanks!


Water water everywhere.


Stuck...but not for long with a 4 wheel drive truck to pull you out.


Yes, stuck going both directions, but it was worth it.


Ah...what a beautiful day for prospecting and camping...


It all comes down to the panning. Practice, practice.


After the boys recovered some gold they were happy and ran off to capture lizards while
the fathers stuck around and panned some more. (Jeff Bird is on the right in this photo).


Looking at the glyphs was fun for the scouts and their dads.


Keep looking. There should be some gold in your pan.


Saturday afternoon came and gave us an opportunity to go for a hike and explore.

Mark with his son and Chad with his son, and I took in a good invigorating hike.
You never know what you might stumble onto in a place like this.
It sure was enjoyable to take a look.



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