Nephi's Petrified Palm Wood

We had heard about petrified palm tree wood years ago but hadn't gone looking for it until early this spring. (2016)
We should have gone looking years ago because it is becoming very scarce.
If you go to find some now just plan to dig. There doesn't appear to be any on the surface anymore.
This wood is found in an area west of Nephi Utah.

The wood is mostly under and in a layer of Rhyolite or volcanic ash.
This layer varies from a inch or two to several feet thick.



The first time we dug my son Del Ray and his family went with me.


This is a small piece he ended up polishing.


On our second trip we dug this hole and I ending up with a large piece of palm wood.
You can tell that's what it is from the cell like structure.


On our second trip my friends Kevin and Gwen came with us.
They had a talent for finding the good stuff.
They found several very nice pieces of gorgeous agate.


If you go remember to watch out for small critters like this little scorpion.
All-in-all I think the rewards are worth the risk.

Don't you agree?



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