Dredging on the Little Sevier

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We last visited Little Sevier over two years ago when Ken and I used our 3 inch dredge to recover gold.
(Use this You Tube link to watch the video of that trip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U54ch1tcNlc)

Kreston and I had been chomping at the bitt to get some gold so we hit it again July 18th & 19th, 2014.
Kreston took his sons Statler and Ethan. Later on my brother-in-law Ken, his son Burk, and Burk's two boys joined us.


There was sufficient water to high-bank or dredge using my 2 inch unit.
Just upstream from our high-banker Statler setup the sluice box.
He and Ethan had a blast running material through it.
You may think they wouldn't recover much, however, even though they didn't run as much material,
they actually ended up finding bigger gold than us including several pickers and a small nugget.



This isn't bad for Utah.
The pan below shows only about 1/4th of the total take.
This is what my son and I shared.
We let Statler and Ethan keep their gold including their pickers and nugget.
(Also Ken and his group kept their haul seperate.)
It wasn't too bad for two short days.


It sure makes you want to go and get some more...


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Pictures taken 7/18-19/14.

Page created 7/28/14.