Sheep Creek

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Yes, there are plenty of symbols to find and interpret.



What I found interesting was the existence of multiple symbols leading you to the same mine.
I suppose this was in case of vandalism or natural disaster; the existence of multiple
symbols offered a greater chance of some indicators making it through.

High on a cliff in Sheep Creek Canyon is a small light hole.
Kent said one could look through it and see a large boulder with a
boot symbol chipped into it which pointed the way to the half league mine.
When I looked through it I found it difficult to determine which rock Kent should
examine. We eventually run out of time and energy but he has proven it out before.



This is a picture of the smelter near the mine we were looking for.
We didn't see the mine on this trip but we will return.
It's difficult to cram 20 years of finds into 2 days.

Thanks again Kent for the fantastic journey and learning experience in Sheep Creek Canyon.


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Pictures taken September 4-5, 2009

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